NRC Re-Verification Details

What is NRC Claims?

The NRC claims are when your name was not included and you want to include your name in Assam NRC List. Provide your legacy data or any government valid documents of your family head before 24 March midnight, 1971. If you have your proper documents, go ahead with an NRC Claims application form.

What are NRC Objections?

The NRC objections the case that your name was spelled wrong, error in typos or any objections in the already published draft NRC, then ask your NSK a objections file.

A process to file/Register claims and objections to Name correction / Re-Inclusion

correct name in NRC, Claims and Objections Assam NRC

  1. Goto your nearest NRC Seva Kendra.
  2. Ask the officials/Help Desk to give an NRC claim/ correction file (NRC name correction form)
  3. Fill the form and sent it to the LRCR (Local Registrar of Citizens Registrations).
  4. Take a receipt shall be issued to you by the help desk at the NRC center.
  5. A notice shall be issued within a stipulated time for a hearing of the correction petition.

In case finally you are eligible to change any correction or any change to be made in the NRC, an application, set in prescribed format is available at your NRC Seva Kendras or the Local Registrar of Citizens Registrations offices.

What are NRC Supporting Documents?

The documents which you have to provide for admissible to inclusion in NRC. There are two requirements for inclusion of names in the updated NRC. The first requirement is the list of documents A, where a person can prove himself residing in Assam prior to midnight of 24 March 1971. The list of Documents A are

  1. 1951 NRC OR
  2.  Land & Tenancy Records OR
  3. Electoral Roll(s) up to 24th March 1971 (midnight) OR
  4. Refugee Registration Certificate OR
  5. Citizenship Certificate OR
  6. LIC OR
  7. Permanent Residential Certificate OR
  8. Govt. Service/ Employment Certificate OR
  9. Passport OR
  10. Birth Certificate OR
  11. Court Records/Processes.
  12. Any Govt. issued License/Certificate OR
  13. Bank/Post Office Accounts OR
  14. Board/University Educational Certificate OR

Again if there is no name of the applicant in the list of documents list A himself/herself, then the second requirement arises that of an ancestor, namely, father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandmother (and so on) of the applicant. in the case, the applicants shall submit the list B documents below to establish the relation of such ancestor.

  1. Birth Certificate OR
  2. Bank/LIC/Post Office records OR
  3. Ration Card OR
  4. Land document OR
  5. Board/University Certificate OR
  6. Electoral Roll OR
  7. Circle Officer/GP Secretary Certificate in case of married women OR
  8. Any other legally acceptable document

My name is not included in the draft NRC. Can I reapply?

Yes. You may file a claim for inclusion of your name in the NRC updation process by submitting an application at your respective LRCR. The Application for filing Claims and Objection can be obtained from the LRCR offices. There is a prescribed format for filing such issues and the Application will be accepted only in the prescribed format.

When to File a claims and Objections application?

The NRC updating process is still progress. Applicants whose names are not included in the Part Draft NRC are still under verification and decision on their inclusion based on eligibility will be a part of Complete Draft NRC to be published subsequently. Again there will be 3 steps. Don’t worry if your name is not in the first Publication of Draft NRC(Published on 01/01/2018). Again NRC publication will be Completed in 3 Steps-

1.First Part Publication of Draft NRC.

Here you can’t complain that your name not included because NRC verification process is still under pending.

2.Complete Publication of Draft NRC.

Another Second NRC Draft list will be published called Complete Publication of Draft NRC. After publication of complete NRC list, if you have any objections and claims then you must correct them with proper documents. (The Date of Publication of Complete NRC Draft list will be provided separately.)

NRC Helpline Numbers for any Inquiry: 15107 & 18003453762

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