Uber Lite Android App Now Lets You Book Pool Rides, Make Payments via Paytm

Uber Lite Android App

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Uber Lite Android app has received an update that brings the ability to let you book Pool rides. The updated Uber Lite app also adds Paytm as a payment method. This new payment method sits alongside cash. Uber launched the lightweight app back in June with an aim to attract new users in India. It was initially tested in three markets, including Delhi, Hyderabad, and Jaipur. The Uber Lite app is touted to be less than 5MB in size and is claimed to offer 300 milliseconds of response time. It is designed to offer cab booking on low-speed, 2G networks.



With the new update (version 1.21.10001), you can book Pool rides using the Uber Lite app for Android. This means you don’t need to have the ‘full’ Uber app to opt for the Uber Pool service and can avail the lower cost alternative using the lightweight, resource-friendly app.

To book an Uber Pool ride using the Uber Lite app, all you need to do is select your pickup point, pick your destination, and then select the Pool option from the list of vehicles available for your place. The app also shows the charges you’ll have to pay to book a Pool ride using the Uber Lite app. This means you can see the difference in picking up the Pool option against other ride options such as the UberGo and Premier. Moreover, you can choose up to two seats after tapping the Pool option.

Uber has also finally brought the option to use Paytm for making payments of the rides you booked using the Uber Lite app. The Paytm integration was in anticipation since the launch of the Uber Lite app that debuted in June. Prior to the update, the app had cash as the only payment method.

To leverage the new integration, you can switch from the default cash payment method to Paytm after selecting the vehicle option. You can anytime move back to the cash method by tapping the Paytm method. Uber confirmed the arrival of the new payment method at the time of launching the Uber Lite app.

The updated Uber Lite app is available for download through Google Play. The app is 5.4MB in size and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

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