Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated a bunch of projects from Navanna on Thursday

I see two girls standing in ocher clothes! They have also been asked to wear Explosive compassion


State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated a bunch of projects from Navanna on Thursday. But even then Trinamool supremo made explosive allegations against the Center (BJP Government) on multiple issues. Mamata spoke about her small experience. He said yesterday, on his way back from the DG headquarters in Alipore, he noticed a petrol pump. There, Mamata saw two women wearing other clothes with cards hanging around their necks.

Out of curiosity, the chief minister asked a policeman who was with him, ‘When will you introduce Ocher dress in the police again?’ Then the policeman told Mamata that all the petrol pumps had been instructed that those who will work must wear other dresses.


The Chief Minister was surprised by this incident. The Trinamool supremo claimed in front of the reporters, ‘Half of the metro stations have been turned ocher. In the name of the modernization of 36 stations, plans are underway to make other.

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Mamata complains, “Look at all the metro stations along the bypass, they have all turned ocher. Only plan to make other. If the whole country becomes ocher, then where will the other colors go? And the other color is a holy color. If they take it as a symbol of oppression, then people will not accept it.


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Besides, the Chief Minister also said, “We don’t dislike other as a color”. In his words, ‘Ocher is a sacred color. A symbol of sacrifice. If they use the symbol of sacrifice as a counter to tyranny, then the common people of the country will never accept it.
On the other hand yesterday, the Chief Minister made explosive allegations targeting the BJP camp and said, “They (BJP) are already trying to hack electronic machines. We also received some information. Let’s have a meeting of our India alliance. There we will discuss the matter.


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